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Outstanding Paddle and Surf boards sourced in Hood River Oregon

HYPR Hawaii boards come from the Big island Hawaii and are owned designed by veteran, designer, athlete and paddler Ian Foo and his wife Lauren.

Gavin and Alison Kerr Hunter of Snowperformance formed HYPR NW in 2018 to distribute these beautiful boards to the NW US and beyond.

We sell speed, downwind, touring, all round high performance, paddle and surf boards directly from our Hood River base.

All Hypr Hawaii boards have been designed with high performance in mind.
The centre of the board has a unique 10mm deep double concave which increases lift, improves tracking,and makes these boards extraordinarily stable for their width. This advanced hydrodynamic design channels the water flow over the fins, givesing a smoother, faster, and more stable glide.Our patented hull design is also truly something special. After the first few strokes of the paddle, the upward sloping chines move the lateral waterline inward to effortlessly lift the board. Match that with the bottom of the rail edges that slope upwards and you get speed from the moment you take off. In fact, the rails have a 3” slope towards the inner chine on each side which makes the board feel 6” narrower while on the move, creating the fastest in high performance hull design.

Each meticulously well made board comes with a carbon paddle a leash a carbon fin pack and a board bag.*

We offer demo paddle and board guidance sessions as part of this service.

If you are looking for something very special please take a look at our range of boards.

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For Paddle, Downwind Paddle, Foiling Wing Foiling or Kiting lessons in the Gorge

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Outstanding eyewear supporting HYPR NW and Snowperformance

*ABS boards have alloy paddle leash and fins no bag.